10 reasons to visit Crete

  •  The culture, the history of Crete and the Minoan civilisation
  •  Chania, Rethymnon, towns on Crete with Venetian, Ottoman and Greek influences 
  •  Charming villages with the Cretan soul
  •  Beautiful seaside resorts across Crete
  •  Local cuisine and the famous Cretan diet
  •  The lovely beaches of Crete:  Balos, Elafonisi, Falasarna, Preveli, Vai…
  •  The generous nature, the varied relief, the Samaria gorge
  •  The many sea and mountain activities, hiking 
  •  The Cretans, a proud, generous and hospitable people
  •  Low prices at restaurants, cafés, tours...

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In brief...

Crete is not just an island. It's also a world in its own right, with mountains and seas, deserted beaches and cosmopolitan beaches, villages frozen in time and cities teeming with life, Venetian ports and palaces older than history itself. We've put together a few different reasons to convince you to holiday in Crete this year. (see map of Crete)

Hiking through gorge, and not just any gorge, but the mother of all hikes, the epic 18-kilometre Samaria (Samaria gorge)

Walk into the sea, against a pink backdrop of broken coral, then turquoise, and find yourself on a deserted island of white sand, Elafonissi.

Getting bored away from the crowds, and discover the solitary version of paradise nearby, on the beach at Kedrodasos.

Losing yourself in the narrow streets of the old town of Chania, between colourful mansions and Venetian arches.

To discover a 4,000-year-old prehistoric city come to life before your very eyes at the archaeological site of Knoss

To taste to authentic traditional Cretan cuisine, one of the best on the planet.

To dive in the crystal-clear waters of Preveli's pebble beach, then walk along the river to the heart of the impressive small palm forest.

Watching the sun set behind the iconic lighthouse while sipping a tsikoudia in the Venetian port of Chania.

Spread the towel your towel on the white sandy beach that juts out into the turquoise waters, far from the crowds, at Xerokampos.

Walking along Agiofarago and you'll find yourself on a deserted beach worthy of your summer dreams.

Feeling a bit like a hippy in Matala, and fall in love with the beach with its caves and village streets, dreaming of the days of the 60s.

Explore the magical castle of Frangokastello, then dive into the nearby beach, where legend has it that the ghosts of the Drosoulites appear.

Take the boat from Ierapetra to Chrissi, the small uninhabited island with a dream beach, with millions of colourful shells where others have only pebbles, and waters so emerald they seem artificial.

Spend a night in Loutro, a fishing village at the end of the world, at the foot of the mountains and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, accessible only by boat or on foot, and swim in the nearby coves of Marmara or Glyka Nera (see map of Crete).