Chania (Hania)

For many, Chania is the most beautiful city of Crete. It has kept the vestiges of its past, first Venetian, and then Ottoman. The Serenissima, was present since 1204, and, remained there for more than 4 centuries, then the Ottomans for 2 centuries and, finally, back in the Greek fold since the beginning of 1900. The old town and the old Venetian port have remained almost intact, giving the city a special Venetian character. Thus, visitors to the city are enchanted by its beauty, its narrow streets that transport us to other times, the Egyptian lighthouse at the entrance of the small port and all the unique elements that make up the timeless magic of Chania. (Read more " city of Chania " in our blog page).

How to get there
In summer, direct flights from several cities such as Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Zurich, otherwise you go through Heraklion, better served by Brussels, Geneva, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Paris, Toulouse, Zurich etc.  Between 2h30 and 3h flight. Another solution is to make a stopover in Athens. 

To know, to visit, to do
 The tourist points of Chania are the old town, the old Venetian port with the Egyptian lighthouse, the mosque of Kioutsouk Hassan, the pedestrian street of  Koum Kapi, the beautiful Venetian arsenals (Neoria) of the 16th century where the Center for Mediterranean Architecture is now located, the Market coveredbuilt a century ago on the model of the one in Marseille, the hill of Kastelli  with the ancient palace and the Minoan site, the picturesque Ottoman quarter of  Splantzia, the archaeological museum of Chania, the museum of the Navy, the fortress of  Firkas, etc. For details on the actual city and its history, see our blog in this site.

To visit in the surroundings
The peninsula of Akrotiri, for the beautiful beaches of Kalathas, Tersanas, Marathi and Stavros, where famous scenes from the film " Zorbas the greek" . Without forgetting the visit of two beautiful monasteries, Agia Triada and Gouverneto.

A great choice! Make the right one. There is no shortage of ways to find out. Among others "Tamam", "Ladokolla", "Adespoto". The latter even offers music!

Photos from Chania

Rent a car

Peugeot 308 - Group D

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