A real postcard, Loutro is located around 70 km south of Chania (Hania or Chania). For those seeking peace and quiet and the beauty of nature. A small, picturesque fishing village in south-west Crete, which has not yet been affected by mass tourism. For example, there are no big hotels with swimming pools. There are no crowded streets. No cosmopolitan restaurants and beaches. There aren't even any cars!

How to get there
Access is by boat only or, if you prefer, on foot. It's a 1? hour hike on a path from Chora Sfakion or on the path from Anopolis or Aradena. In summer, there are daily ferries, operated by the "Anendyk Seaways“, plusieurs fois par jour,  vers et depuis Chora Sfakion,  Sougia,  Gavdos,  Paleochora et Agia Roumeli. Une solution pratique, c’est d’aller en voiture à Chora Sfakion,  Sougia ou à Paleochora. La laisser sur place, et ensuite prendre le petit ferry pour arriver à Loutro.

To know, to visit, to do
Here, you'll find the rest and peace you're looking for. First there are the beaches, starting with the one at your feet, and then there's the  beautiful Glyka Nera beach to the east of the village. Alternatively, sample the delicious local cuisine. Indulge in reading, and above all walking and, for the bravest, hiking. Particularly the Aradena hike.

To visit in the surroundings
A pied ou en taxi-bateau, le site proche de Finikas. La belle Marmara beach at the exit of Aradena gorge. Chora Chora Sfakion, and for the sporty, go up to Aradena and Anopolis on foot. Otherwise, the best thing to do is the Aradena Gorge (see our page on Aradena).

A large choice of small family restaurants and hotels

Pictures of Loutro

Rent a car

Peugeot 308 - Group D

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