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by the french guide “Guide du routard”


For some, Santorini is the most beautiful island on the planet. The land of lost Atlantis. Europe's most magical summer destination. In other words, here's what you don't want to miss (see map of Santorini)

Sunset at Oia

Even if you're not one of the world's romantics, you can't help but be seduced. By the mysterious force that almost hypnotises the crowds in the narrow streets of Oia as sunset approaches. 

A large demonstration, complete with hats, cameras and the scent of sun cream, heads for the coast of Oia, where you are left speechless as the sun plunges into the Caldera and the people applaud. 

However, if you're looking for a similar spectacle with fewer spectators, head for the top of Prophet Elias Hill, or the hill of Ancient Thera. Alternatively, you can visit the lighthouse at Cape Akrotiri, Pyrgos Castle or Vlychada beach to the south (see map of Santorini).

Unreal beaches

You've probably heard that Santorini isn't famous for its beaches. You may not see turquoise water or golden sand, but you will see other exotic things. 

At Vlychada, the sandy beach is set against a backdrop of rare geological formations that seem to emerge from a lunar landscape. 

On the wild Red Beach, a beach known for its red and orange cliffs, which were formed from lava flows and have hardened and oxidised, giving the beach a distinctive colour... 

Not forgetting the beaches of Kamari and Perissa on the island's east coast. With their pebbles and black sand, the result of volcanic activity. Finally, a swim in Ammoudi, the small cove below Oia, is a delicious alternative and a refreshing moment (see map of Santorini).

The evening and night at Fira

The day is spent on the beaches, sunset in Oia and the evening in Fira (Thira), the island's lively capital, which boasts not only beautiful white houses carved out of the rock on the Caldera side, but also a multitude of bars, restaurants, tavernas and alleyways and squares that 'buzz' pleasantly throughout the night.